In South Australia a wide range of people are required by law to notify Families SA of situations where child abuse and neglect are suspected. Under the Children’s Protection Act 1993 (as amended by the Amendment Bill 2005) these people are referred to as “mandated notifiers” and the obligation is outlined in Section 11 (1) and (2). In response to the legislative amendments the Mandated notifiers program was updated in early 2006 and renamed Child Safe Environments – Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

This reflects the vision of the government that the whole community will endeavour to care for and protect children through building stronger, more child-focused communities. Due to a variety of restrictions, including time and distance, it is really hard for some people to attend face to face training of any sort. Given the importance of keeping our children safe, Child Safe Training has developed this website so anyone, anywhere, at any time has the opportunity to learn and refresh their knowledge on reporting child abuse and neglect. Given this new possibility you can do your training at home, at work, or even sitting on the train.